Sunday 17 February 2019

How To Get A Container In String Bean Alley

The extra 12 containers for String Bean Alley have been eagerly awaited and EOIs (Expressions of Interest) are now open.

A number of traders have already expressed interest in getting a roller door although the competition will be tough particularly as the opportunity to participate has been spread beyond current market traders. The new trading places in SBA have been advertised broadly on social media.

Perhaps the best advice to traders is to carefully read the Trader Information Pack (click to access). The overarching vision for String Bean Alley is for a community of stallholders that will provide products and services that:
• Are locally designed, sourced and produced;
• Are customised, bespoke and/or personalised elements to the product offer or service;
• Are a specialist range with a stand out point of difference; and
• Have an interesting story behind the product, brand and/or service.

The Trader Information Pack goes into more detail about what those ingredients mean and ticking as many boxes as possible will assist your application. Remember to think outside the square. If you can come up with something special, something that is likely to excite customers, and add a new element to QVM’s overall offer, you increase your chances of success.

It may also be a good idea to talk to current SBA Traders, check out the current container facilities, and actually draw up plans of how things might look in your proposal. SBA Trader Greg Smith can be contacted in Container 2 or on 0406222020 if you need trader assistance.