Sunday 3 February 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 3/2/2019

String Bean Alley reassessment. Now that 12 additional containers are coming to SBA we can expect a reassessment of rents and trading hours. Five day trading is on the cards and new rents will reflect that. Apparently discussions have started with current SBA traders and Expressions Of Interest for new containers are expected to follow.

Ups and downs of trading - some record breaking stories have come out this week, although they are usually the sort of records you don’t want to break. But with a positive spin, two traders have reported that their sales on super hot Sunday had exceeded their Night Market sales before lunchtime. Another had almost reached his total takings for Thursday, Friday, Saturday before noon on Sunday.

A few traders are pleased to see the follow through on complaints about the temporary toilets at the top of SBA. This week’s trader bulletin noted that works are to commence on the block from Monday 4th February.

Graffiti - after the nightclub on Queen St. closed the graffiti count around our market dropped but recently it has shown a resurgence with two instances appearing overnight Saturday. Guru Pete has had to call in the specialists. Graffiti is a bit beyond bucket and mop.

A trader has noticed that the weather station in K Shed has disappeared. The equipment was to record weather variations in K Shed as part of a study of trader/customer comfort levels. He suggested that perhaps it had melted away.

Traders getting together – a trader has suggested that once String Bean Alley is complete, it would be a good opportunity for tenants to get together and start creating some marketing impetus of their own.

Consolidation of stalls – apparently management are seriously looking at the issue (see “Its Time” article ) but rather than wholesale changes to our aisles they are looking at vacant areas such as in A Shed and C Shed that might be roped off for other purposes.

A couple of traders have expressed concern about the current pressures on traders. With January/February takings apparently reaching an all time low, some traders may be entering a danger zone of monetary and emotional stress. Maybe a good time to ask “Are You OK?” There are options for traders including consulting with Small Business Mentors - Call or email Katya at the Trader Lounge to discuss further, via 1300 631 171 or