Sunday 21 April 2019

Committee of Trustees Considers Some Weighty Market Issues

At its meeting on 9th April the following key strategic issues were considered by the Committee of Trustees.

Market Square
• The Committee discussed the development of a Charter to guide the uses and design of Market Square.
• The Committee is excited about the opportunity Market Square represents for the market precinct and broader community.
• It advised that the uses should bring more customers to the market and complement trading, and supported arts, culture and daily activity uses.
• It noted this space would service 24,000 new residents expected over the next two decades and help activate the north of the City in new ways.

Review of Market Trading Hours
• The Committee advised smoothing operating hours to make it manageable for traders and easier for the public would be welcomed.
• It supported a transition in two stages: initial reposition and smooth hours for first year. Further refinement in following years as customer demands evolve.

Trader Tenure, Lease and Licensing
• The Committee advised QVM that providing traders with clarity, certainty, goodwill and transparency as important.
• It supported lease timeframe options that are relative to coinvestment commitment. • It also supported staggering of licence and licensing renewal process, having regard to the staging of renewal works and beyond.
• It noted that flexibility and adaptability is also an important offering for start-up business.

The Queen Victoria Market Committee of Trustees (Committee) provides the highest source of strategic advice to the Melbourne City Council (Council) on both the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Program (QVMRP) and Queen Victoria Market (‘QVM’) operations.

Its purpose is to ensure a broad range of views are considered and to advise the Council on matters of strategic importance to the renewal or trading operations of the QVM. Chaired by the Lord Mayor, the Committee is comprised of 13 members, including market traders, community representatives, independent nominees and Councillors.