Sunday 28 April 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 28/4/2019

Wednesday night’s Europa Market with a French theme apparently produced some good results for Specialty Merchandise Traders although at least one trader found himself sandwiched between 2 long food queues and starved of customers. Mon Dieu!

Intrigue continues over SBA applications with one trader distraught that she was not invited to an interview. Turns out she simply missed the email invite and now is back in the process.

A trader has been sighted regularly directing his customers around to an ATM because he doesn’t have EFTPOS. His neighbours are wondering when he will get the message.

A trader was surprised at the report last week of an extraordinary number of international customers. She says that is not new - internationals have been the core of her business for a long time.

A trader from St.Kilda Craft Market has expressed admiration for our market’s social media exposure. She says we receive more than 10 times the amount of exposure of St.Kilda.

For the trivia buffs - Following the Herald Sun article on Sunday a trader wants to know if Betty Jennings is a Grand Dame of the market does that make husband Terry a Grand Duke? Actually the husband of a Dame gets no title which seems a little unfair when the wife of a Sir can take his title in some circumstances. You learn so much on this website and, yes, it is a quiet news week.

A trader sent us this photo of a sunset over F Shed and hopes it is not a euphemism for business. Thanks Joe – a great photo.

On a brighter note, a few traders have commented on the number of new innovative traders entering our market? From new concept table lamps with interchangeable shades to a stall that photographs your eye. We didn’t realize the human iris could be so amazing as an art piece. Traders have long asked for new blood into our market to add variety and help replace departing businesses. We wish all the newcomers every success.

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