Sunday 10 November 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 10/11/19

The Attraction of Dumplings - A customer was timed waiting 40 minutes in a queue at Monday’s International Dumpling Festival.

A first for one of our Traders when he was offered a small sample of marijuana by a customer as thanks for handing over his business card on Saturday. The customer then made the mistake of offering a sample to a Market Officer. Not the smartest promotional activity we have heard of.

Passionate dispute between two Traders may benefit neighbours – this story started off innocently enough with a Trader declaring they had baked some Lemonade Scones. Their neighbour quickly pointed out that scones made with lemonade are NOT true scones. Apparently lemonade is supposed to add an airy quality to the scones but our complainant insisted that scones made properly did not need aeration. Some spirited discussion followed and it was agreed that a bake-off should be conducted so neighbouring Traders could settle the issue. Double whipped cream and a variety of jams have been proposed. We hope to bring you a result soon.

The Dumpling Market on Monday experienced one of the severest rain storms ever seen in SBA. Red dominated on the radar, but the downpour didn’t seem to dampen the appetite for dumplings under the sheds. That of course is one of the advantages of holding events at QVM – the show goes on despite the weather. The queues for dumplings were long but String Bean Alley Traders have called this “The Dumping Market”.  

The Jehovah’s Witness web site for the upcoming convention includes tourist advice for attendees but no mention of QVM. That didn’t stop attendees coming to QVM last time and we know that our Marketing Department have organised QVM special offer brochures for the visitors.
PS - there is in fact a separate website that lists things to do at the convention including QVM. The page shows trading hours and how to get to the market. See it here.

Last week’s complaint in Heard Under The Sheds about new signs confusing customers on the top walkway has brought a quick review from the QVM Marketing Department. Expect some modifications soon.

The Lucky Tree Saga – Ronnie Z has quite a collection of fauna around his van, and during his recent absence for van renovations he farmed out two of his lemon trees to neighbouring Trader, Tony. When Ronnie returned to claim his trees Tony refused saying that for the few days Ronnie was away, the trees looked really good at his container, and brought him good luck. He wanted to keep them. News got out about the “good luck charms” and at one stage a tree mysteriously disappeared into a stall in a neighbouring aisle. We believe that the trees are now back with Ronnie but this story proves two things. Firstly, any suggestion of good luck charms can create quite a frenzy. Secondly, Traders really do have too much time on their hands. Both are consequence of quiet trading.

A Trader is delighted that a quick phone call to the Small Business Mentoring Service earlier in the week got him a visit from a mentor and he is now on the path to setting up a Facebook/Instagram presence for his business.

Another Trader reported that he made his first Instagram post this week and has new followers already.

According to one Trader, all the publicity about our new trading hours is really great. He believes that the market should be constantly informing the public about our hours.

And on those new hours - A few Traders are keeping tabs on sales in the extra hour Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And the results so far? - let's say that the public might need more time to realise we are open later.

Our bad (but irresistible) joke of the week – “Why didn’t Santa come to work? Because he was given the sack.”