Wednesday 23 March 2011

You know you are in for a bad day when........

We market traders can be a superstitious lot and there are certain omens that seem to set the tone for the trading day. You know you are in for a bad day when............................
                You leave your cash float on the hall table.
                Your storage box has mysteriously migrated to a spot 3 aisles away.
                Your first customer asks for a refund.
                Every customer seems to ask “Will you be here tomorrow?”
                You finally get a big sale and the customer can’t remember their debit card pin number.
                Your competitor has your best selling line at half price.
                Your lunch is delivered and you have to ask for credit.
                Your box hire bill arrives and you have to get a bank loan.
                You get out of bed, have a shower, load the van, head off for the market, and realise its Wednesday.
Aaah Yes! ..........the joys of market trading.
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