Saturday 26 March 2011

Market Interview - Pete the Cleaner

 Few market employees have the broad social impact of our sport guru, humorist, and good all round guy Peter. Here is his mini interview.
How long have you been at the market? - "16 years."
What do you like best about the market? " The atmosphere created by so many different people."
Worst moment? (Ed - Peter says it is unprintable and we agree)
Past jobs? "18 years in a supermarket and 2 years at Crown."
Sporting interests? "All sports including 2 flies climbing up a wall."
If you were CEO for a day? "I'd give free rent to all traders."
How many times will you sing the Carlton Football Club team song this year - "16"
One thing nobody knows about you? "Nothing. They know all about me in here."
Favorite food? "Roast lamb."
Favorite drink? "Anything and everything."
Favorite TV show? "2 1/2 Men."

Thanks Pete.