Wednesday 15 June 2011


A handbook about Promotional Opportunities was distributed to all traders over the weekend. The handbook outlines ways you can promote your business through a whole range of media from high profile newspaper advertising to Twitter, and most of it is free.
                You can feature in the excellent MarketLife magazine, a professional glossy magazine with a distribution of over 49,000. There are opportunities for follow up on the QVM’s comprehensive social network through Facebook, Twitter and E-newsletters. You can have your own page on the QVM website. You can get financial assistance with your own business cards, brochures, print advertising, website, signs and branded shopping bags.
                What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. There are a few rules to follow but basically these are excellent opportunities for all traders and most are free. There may be times when traders question the motives of QVM management but let’s remember that even the QVM answers to a higher power. The Melbourne City Council sets kpi’s (key performance indicators) for the QVM which require them to maximise the attractiveness and pulling power of the market. Dynamic involvement by traders is one of the keys to achieving those kpi’s so you are being enticed to take part with these sorts of opportunities.
We recommend you take full advantage of the opportunities. Public exposure like this is hard to get for small businesses like ours and, let’s face it, we have earned it through hard work, long hours, and deprived social lives. If you didn’t receive the Handbook, please enquire at the office. If you need any further assistance please ring Andrew Cyples at the office or talk to one of your Trader Volunteers.