Thursday 2 June 2011

Tips For Better Business - Who Are You?

This might seem like a small point but your business name is often the first impression customers get of you.  Are you creating the right impression? Main street retailers have names emblazened on their shopfronts but strangely we largely escape that requirement at the Queen Victoria Market. Our stock range is our identity. The problem is we are being identified in more and more forms of marketing communication like newspapers, brochures, emails and websites without that clear physical vision and only our business name to describe who we are.
“A & B Citizen” is fine for most purposes but it doesn’t say a lot about what you do. It pays to have a name that adds a descriptive element and, preferably, is easily remembered. You don’t have to abandon personal names of course. A combination of personal name and business function is often appropriate. Certainly Henry Ford felt so when he set up the Ford Motor Company. For example "A & B Citizen" could become "Citizen Fine Footwear".
Coming up with a unique business name is not difficult. It is often a good idea to brainstorm with family or friends and then check you shortlist online with a quick search via Google. That will make sure nobody else is using the name. Keep in mind that you may want to put your name in a web address at some stage and don’t forget to register your final choice with Business Names Victoria so it stays under your ownership.
Some Useful Websites:  - this is a great little tool to help you juggle different naming options.  - this is the government site that helps with the legalities.

As always - if you would like help with processes like this, please speak to one of our Trader Volunteers.