Wednesday 13 July 2011


Walk into my local butcher in Tooradin and you won't have to wait 5 seconds for a greeting. Even if all the staff are serving customers, one of them will quickly greet you and then get back to the customer they are serving. So, in effect your service has started as you walk through the door.
This is not only very reassuring for the shopper but very smart for the butcher because now that you have been served you don't mind waiting. When it is your turn to order you are again greeted and given the butcher's undivided attention (except for the odd customer greeting). You are always treated in a friendly, efficient, yet informal manner and there is often a dash of the cheeky banter you come to expect in a traditional butcher’s.

I was keen to find out why this kind of service is often found in butcher’s, expecting it was part of formal training, but according to my man it’s just an essential ingredient of any well-managed butcher’s shop. The bottom line is that I always walk out of this shop a happy customer. I’ve bought the meat I wanted, at a reasonable price, and I have been served by friendly staff who communicate well and respect their customers.

I have plenty of options for buying meat but the Tooradin Butcher gets most of my business. You see, respect is a two way thing. Now if I can just do the same with all my own customers.