Wednesday 6 July 2011

Top 5 Freebies

We regularly write about free promotional opportunities on this page because, let’s face it; staying “lean and mean” is the mantra in tough times. These are our top 5 freebies for vic traders.
1.       QVM Promotion – The QVM has a whole range of promotional avenues available to traders whether it is their website, facebook page, twitter feed, marketlife blog, or a variety of traditional press and radio outlets. Most are completely free and all you need to do is telephone Andrew Cyples at the office. 
2.       QVM Facebook Page - Now, we know we’ve mentioned facebook in our first freebie but this is direct access to the QVM facebook page which has nearly 3,400 likes and 14,000 check-ins. You need to be logged in to facebook, search for QVM (there are a couple of entries under Queen Victoria Market so make sure you get the true market page), then post on their wall about your latest special or new product. Check out some of the postings there to give you an idea of what to post. Photos are pretty much essential to get the right impact so make sure you have one ready then just click on the photo option at the top of the page, load a photo from your computer and complete a short description. Don’t forget to mention your location. Facebook is all about short, sharp messages so keep it simple and concise.
3.       Your Own Website – Aren’t websites expensive to set up? – not necessarily. The website you are reading is free. We know, how could a website as professional as this be free? Actually, this is not a true website, it is a blog and Google make them available for free. You can’t set up a shopping cart site on a blog (at least we don’t know of a way) but you can write a very useful website that keeps you customer informed of latest product offerings, shows them photos of your products, tells them how to visit or contact you, and you don’t need a programming degree to set it up. Google holds your hand throughout the whole process. Once your blog is setup you can buy a domain name from Google for just $10 pa. Imagine being able to put your own website on your business card.
Click here to get started -
4.       Business Cards – Ok, business card printing is not free, but distributing them to customers is. You may be surprised at how many customers keep your card for later use. Many traders use leaflets with comprehensive product and contact information. A little tip - I once visited a small stationary shop in Hong Kong and asked the owner for a business card. He gave me two. I tried to hand back the second one but he insisted I keep it and give it to a friend. That was his way of getting the maximum exposure from my visit.
5.       Google Maps – You can have your business name show up on Google Maps when customers look at a map of the Queen Victoria Market online. As more and more city shoppers and tourists use their phones to seek out retailers, this becomes a very worthwhile addition to your promotion and it is free. Go here -  
There are other freebies available to traders and you may have a favourite that we haven’t mentioned. If so, please email us – or comment where it says Comments here underneath this post.