Sunday, 27 March 2016

Is a Car Boot Market Good For QVM

QVM’s first car boot sale starts next Sunday 3rd April and some traders are asking if this is the right sort of activity for our market.

Just 34 stalls have been allocated at the Peel St. end of C Shed every Sunday for a special market. The market is inviting clothing, jewellery, books, tools, antiques, crafts, pre-loved goods and more. Stalls start at $40 and bookings can be made online.

Car boot sales are not really new at QVM. Similar operations have been at our market in the past and at least one of our long term traders used to love the opportunity to leave his stall and browse through the second-hand goods for collectable treasures. That is one of the attractions of such sales – you can expect the un-expected. There are few better places to find random and unusual goods.

But some current traders are asking if this the right sort of activity for one of the great markets of the world. There are pros and cons and here are some thoughts that have come up so far –
-        Cheap junk doesn’t enhance QVM’s reputation.
-        We want cashed-up customers not penny-thrifts.
-        Low-priced, low margin goods don’t help legitimate traders.
-        Whatever brings customers here is a good thing.
-        We are a market of markets.
-        Bargains attract customers of all demographics.
-        Some traders may want to clear their garages.

What do you think?


27/03/2016 17:55:09 Car boot sale "CONS:
- Cheap junk doesn’t enhance QVM’s reputation.
- We want cashed-up customers not penny-thrifts.
If we want cashed up customers coming through the market we need to make it appealing to them. We have trestle tables lined with knock off sneakers & sporting apparel, cheap or knock of kids toys, fashions of the 80s, Aussie rules merchandise that still bears the vfl logo and I could go on and on.
I am not for the car boot sale but the hypocrisy of the two cons mentioned above were too much for me not to make a comment. The focus on for general merchandise has to be neat stall appearance, not overloading stock, invest in some shop fittings and most of all Have stock that is relevant "
Food trader. (This post has been edited to remove some unsubstantiated content.)

Excellence in presentation and stock that excites our customers should be the aim for all areas of our market. Thanks for your input Food Trader - Ed.