Sunday 14 October 2018

A Thank You To Fellow Traders

A Trader has asked us to pass on his thanks to five different groups of fellow traders. 

Now his “thank you” is part serious, part having a dig, and part frustration.

The first group involves those traders who come in late to the market. By the time they rock-up he has usually made a few sales which  he figures may not have been possible after all his competitors arrive.

The second group is those who pack early. He usually waits around and picks up a few extra sales at the end of the day and less competition means a better chance of earning those extra dollars.

Then there are those traders who don’t have EFTPOS. Over time this has probably got to the top of his list because as we all know, electronic payments are rapidly replacing cash.

Another big contributor to his sales performance are the traders who sit at their stall playing games on their mobile phones. Ignored customers may just end up at his stall and he is quick with a greeting.

Finally there are traders who are rude to their customers -“Please don’t touch unless you are buying” or “We are closed for today, come back tomorrow”. According to this trader, some of his competitors use such language.

So there you have it - five different ways to help this trader and probably do yourself a disservice.

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15/10/2018 14:47:00       The thank you          "As I’m lying on the beach in Koh Samui,and reading the above, it made my day. I would love to know who the trader was . Excellent "     Andy
Thanks Andy. I will ask him if it is ok to publish his name. How about some photos from Koh Samui? - Ed.