Sunday 17 February 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 17/2/2019

A larger lady asked a trader what material his hat was made of. He said “leather”. She said “If that is leather, I’m a ballerina”. His hat was, and she wasn’t.

A trader commented that the invitation for traders in last week's Heard Under The Sheds to participate in a joint purchase of printed paper carry bags was great for a number of reasons. But the significant one for him was showing that traders can work together for the common good. Michael is the trader doing the liaison with the manufacturer and he makes nothing out of the deal. If you want to get a good rate on recyclable printed paper bags direct from China, call Michael on 0411700727 or email

Another trader tells us he has taken up the suggestion to buy plain paper carry bags from O’Kelly in Dandenong and is paying around 41.5 cents plus GST for large carry bags with a twist handle and around 24 cents plus GST for medium size bags (355*240*120mm).

According to one trader there is a positive to the really quiet trading days at the moment. He has found that on some days he doesn’t have to count the cash because he can remember every sale. Hmm… not so positive.

Thanks to the trader who sent us this photo of heritage inspection works on our sheds getting underway during the week.

A trader said he was amazed at how much impact a few buses of tourists up on Peel St. can have on market sales. Apparently this occurred on Thursday.

A customer praised the service from some of our traders last week. He mentioned Leo giving him great advice on a cigarette lighter, Tim helping him out with repairs to a silver chain and Alex making him a special belt. A big tick to all those traders from a happy customer who obviously spent a bit of money at our market.

A rain free Wednesday night apparently helped improved sales at the Night Market this week.

February is often a time for reflection by traders and we hear a number of stories including a possible move overseas for one trader, the sale of one of our clothing businesses, and a couple of long term traders seriously considering their future at QVM.

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