Friday 15 July 2011

Facebook For Marketing

DFO have launched a new multi channel advertising campaign which utilises television print and outdoor media as well as an online presence through facebook.
The DFO facebook page has been set up as a campaign storyline that follows the life of a character called Zoe Walker. This is a blatant marketing tool that attempts to enmesh the shopping and personal life of the character in a way that mirrors normal facebook social interaction. It is an interesting take on social networking for commercial purposes. The page only started 3 weeks ago and they have nearly 3,000 “likes” or “friends” (facebooks way of recording interest in a page).
It should be noted that some commercial entities have a huge facebook following. Bonds (underwear and clothing) have over 600,000 friends so facebook is obviously an important part of their online presence. Myer don’t appear to have a facebook page although there is a “Check-in” page for Myer that allows shoppers to record that they are actually visiting the store. That page has 6142 check-ins. David Jones have over 11,200 friends while the QVM facebook page has over 3,500 friends and over 15,000 check-ins.
After a somewhat shaky start, facebook seems to be establishing itself with a marketing presence. It will be interesting to watch the progress. In the meantime you can take advantage of the QVM’s facebook presence by posting direct on the QVM wall or by being part of the marketing promotions conducted by Andrew Cyples.