Sunday 3 July 2011

Have Your Say!

 I'd like a dollar for everytime a trader has said "I'd love to have my say on your website but I'd be thrown out of the market".
Let's make one thing clear - we will not post anything that will get you thrown out of the market and there are ways of making the most controversial subject palatable without diminishing it's significance.
Yesterday, a trader was talking about their neighbor smoking and the smoke drifting into their stall. They were uncomfortable with the smoke and their customers were complaining as well. This is a legitimate issue to write to us about and you may be surprised at the support you receive. (Sorry smokers, but you are no doubt used to criticism by now.)
The point is that you should feel comfortable writing to us. We are happy to post anonymous contributions if you wish. We may want to make some changes to your submission but we will communicate with you first. So, dip that ink, tap those keys, and release those emotions by writing to us. You'll feel a lot better afterwards.

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