Wednesday 6 July 2011

Free Promotion Opportunity Hits The Screens

Traders who took up the market's offer for free promotion in the winter seasonal promotion program have been rewarded with publication on the QVM website (thousands of viewers each month, the QVM newsletter (10,000 or so subscribers), the QVM facebook page (14,400 checkins), QVM Twitter and the MarketLife blog. Traders discount offers have been presented in a coupon format which is in keeping with modern online practice. See the brochure here: -

We gave all our readers the opportunity to participate in this free promotion back on 23rd June (see post - Free Promotion Opportunity). If you missed out on the winter brochure, don't despair because you can still offer up specials to Andrew Cyples for inclusion in regular online updates.

Next Promotion - Andrew is currently preparing offers for the Spring Brochure so all you traders with a spring orientation to your product range should contact him before 15th August. There are a few ways of activating your interest. Email the office at, or fill out the form (click here) and drop it off for Andrew at the office.
The requirements are very simple. You will need a special offer that you can adequately stock for a minimum of 2 weeks. Your special will need to be at least 20% off normal retail price, which is no big deal for market traders, and you will need a product photo. Greg Smith (0406222020) will be happy to organise a photo of your product(s) if you don’t have one.

Don't miss this promotional opportunity - it gives you widespread coverage, and its free!