Thursday 29 September 2011

Lord Mayor Talks QVM On Ten News

Caught a glimpse of Channel 10 news tonight and unfortunately we don’t have a transcript  but the gist was as follows –
Melbourne’s Lord Mayor described QVM as an icon needing regeneration and modernising. He described how the market had dropped from first to fourth in a recent survey of Melbourne attractions based on customer experience. He indicated that the large carpark expanse was particularly in need of attention and action was needed to get the market back on track.

Radio station, 3AW, reported the Lord mayor's comments this evening and recorded the following twitter responses on their website -
“Wider range of variety goods, not just the same collection spread over a few dozen stalls #QVMarket"
“Whats wrong with Vic Market as it is now...stop trying to make everything trendy!"
“More live music on Sunday afternoons, less fake merchandise stalls & more vintage clothing stalls...oh and 2 donut vans..."

Hard to disagree with the two donut vans.