Monday 12 September 2011

More On The Mystery Plans

Melbourne City Council is to be presented with a stategic plan for the northern end of the city including The Queen Victoria Market. The strategy plan uses terms like "renewal" and "rejuvenation"  of The Queen Victoria Market without going into specifics. The plan was to be presented in June/July this year but has now been put back to December.
We have condensed the references to the QVM in the draft plan as follows -

"City North Structure Plan 2011   DRAFT
This report is provided for information and it does not purport to be complete. While care has been taken to ensure the content in the report is accurate, we cannot guarantee that the report is without flaw of any kind, there may be errors and omissions or may not be wholly appropriate for your particular purposes. In addition, the publication is a snapshot in time based on historic information which is liable to change. The City of Melbourne accepts no responsibility and disclaims all liability for any error,loss or other consequence which may arise from you relying on any information contained in this report.
The Queen Victoria Market is a major tourist destination and Melbourne icon. These factors, coupled with the area’s current density, further its status within the Central City. However, its potential is not fully realised. The renewal of the precinct will see an increase in its
Transform Victoria Street
The Queen Victoria Market precinct will be rejuvenated so that future generations can enjoy Melbourne’s world renowned market and tourist attraction. The redevelopment of the former Carlton and United Brewery (CUB) site will also be a vibrant new retail and recreation
hotspot. Victoria Street will be transformed into a high quality boulevard linking these sites.
There will be opportunities for new public spaces within these activity nodes at the intersections of Victoria and Swanston Streets and Victoria and Elizabeth Streets.
The Victoria Street activity corridor will give much higher priority to pedestrian movement and amenity and public transport users.
Future Melbourne Community Plan
(City of Melbourne 2008)
Endorsed in September 2008, Future Melbourne is a community plan which provides the vision for Melbourne to grow as a global city and one of the top ten most liveable and sustainable cities of the world.
The Plan identifies six high level goals to guide to achieve the vision, these are:
• a city for people • a creative city • a prosperous city • a city of knowledge • an eco-city
• a connected city
Specific goals and targets have also been identified as part of Future Melbourne and have been considered in the preparation of the draft structure plan. These are included in Appendix A of the City North Structure Plan
Values, issues and opportunities consultation
Beginning in September 2010, consultation on the issues and opportunities in City North ran for six weeks. This included a community consultation evening on 13 September 2010 and an online forum that ran for one month following that event. Formal submissions were also welcomed throughout this time. The findings of this consultation have informed the preparation of the principles and objectives.
Further information on the consultation has been incorporated into the Background Report.
Heritage overlay and heritage listed buildings There are limitations with development in the heritage overlay specific to City
North. A number of heritage listed buildings are also within the study area, including the Queen Victoria Market and the former Metropolitan Meat Market. Moderate growth can occur in these areas subject to heritage controls.
• Enhance the role of QVM
 Improve the role of the QVM and the surrounding area as both a local and regional attraction meeting the needs for visitors, residents and workers.
• Extend the operating hours and deliver a wider range of retail services at the QVM.
2 Queen Victoria Market
The area south of the Queen Victoria Market, is a strategic renewal opportunity and intensification of development in the Queen
Queen Victoria Market
The strategic review of the Queen Victoria Market will look at the potential for greater use of the public open space within this site. Any enhancement to the public space in this precinct will further position the market as a key community asset for both visitors and the City North community.
6. Investigate the potential for enhancing the Queen Victoria Market public realm as a new and revitalised urban space.
The Queen Victoria Market
Potential opportunities for consideration include enhancing the market’s role as a community gathering and event space and de

Process and timeline
Arden Macaulay and City North Structure Plans 2010-2012
Work commenced on the Arden Macaulay and City North Structure Plans in 2010. The
Plans are being finalised for December 2011. The process, including the adoption of the
Planning Scheme Amendments to implement actions outlined in the structure plans  is
expected to be completed by the end of 2012.
The Planning Scheme Amendment will be considered in 2012, with a number of
opportunities for the public to participate in the process and to provide written or verbal
If you would like further information regarding these processes and timelines, please
contact Strategic Planning via:
Phone: (03) 9658 9658"

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