Thursday 9 May 2013

Ebay Introduces One Hour Delivery

As the war between online retailers heats up, ebay has introduced one hour delivery in select US cities.
eBay has partnered up with big name retailers like Best Buy, Target and Macy’s and provides a “valet” to pick up the goods and deliver to you for a flat $5 fee.  eBay employs the “valets” for now but intends hiring outside contractors down the track. This is eBays way of linking with bricks’n’mortar retailers. Meanwhile its subsidiary, PayPal, is rolling out payment facilities in over 250,000 US stores where users pay for goods by simply typing in their mobile phone number and PIN.
Any war has its casualties and retailers who don’t meet the service standards offered by major players are likely to suffer. Service and convenience is the name of the game and whilst the type of service and its delivery will vary across the battlefield, doing things the old way is unlikely to be an option.
QVM traders have the advantage of trading at the one site so organising co-ordinated delivery services would not be difficult. We already have food delivery services operating out of the market and a number of our traders use Australia Post for delivery anywhere in Australia. At least one of our traders offers free delivery on larger items. It may be time to think of how responsive your business is to consumer needs.