Sunday 5 May 2013

Are Our Trader Representatives Worth What We Are Not Paying Them?

The QVM TAC (Traders Advisory Committee) has been reformed and has the structure to do things. But are there any results yet? Representatives have been keenly involved in many meetings and given pages of information to management on things like audience evaluations. But are there any results yet?

It could be argued that these are early days and we know that there are many levels in the QVM decision making structure. However we appear to be marking time. We don’t even have a vision or mission statement in place. We haven’t set any goals, much less decide how to measure results. We haven’t tackled the real issue which is lack of business for traders and how we turn that around.

Achieving a turnaround in business will require action by management. It will also require action by traders. What action? Isn’t it time we sat down and established achievable goals, what needs to be done to achieve those goals and how we measure the results?

Your Trader Representatives are familiar with processes that get nowhere. The TAC was run that way for many years. We understand that the high level issues we are examining require funding and perhaps Tuesday’s State Budget will give us the good news we have been waiting for. But if the news isn’t good we still have to move forward and there are many things that can be achieved on small promotion budgets and real focus on the key issues.

The answer to the question in our heading is “NO”. Trader Representatives are not worth what we are not paying them. Fortunately, that is not due to lack of desire by your representatives. It is just that the process is not yet focussed on getting results. Are we being impatient? Maybe a little. But let’s not forget it is traders who are losing financially, not the property owners or property managers. Traders have every right to expect a result focussed process.