Monday 6 May 2013

Queen Victoria Market Trader Speaks From The Heart

Trader's often find it difficult to express the depth of their feeling for The Queen Victoria Market. That depth of feeling is almost certainly not understood by most of management and probably only a few customers have it explained to them. A trader has commented on our post on Some Strange Decisions At QVM and very eloquently expressed a view that will resonate with the majority of Queen Victoria Market Traders. It deserves repeating here.

"06/05/2013 19:18:19 Decisions decisions decisions - Yes, a fact that eludes many is that traders “own” their personal bit of the market not just in lieu of the rent they pay but more importantly due to the fact that the market only exists because men and women animate what is otherwise just a piece of extended dark, drab and dreary black bitumen. 

The market in turn truly “owns” the traders by demanding they give it a fair chunk of their lives. Past, present and future. A fact that our “owners” don’t seem too keen to dwell on for the obvious moral and ethical dilemmas that may arise when they make “boardroom” decisions.

We, the traders, however cannot distance ourselves from those decisions and as a result take ownership of any and every decision that impacts on us, not because we want to usurp our guardians who have been entrusted to ensure the prosperity of the market, but because in many ways our lives truly do depend on it.

And so it should not sound strange that at times some of us lie awake at night wondering what decisions have already been made or are about to be made that yes may add up on paper, but could have devastating effects on the future of the people that are in essence the Queen Victoria Market.

For the market is not a piece of bitumen or real estate for traders, it is for so many of them simply their life. Take that away...

So, if you're listening out there, please think hard and deep on your decisions."

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