Sunday 12 May 2013

QVM Budget Breakdown.

There was a suggestion in the Melbourne press during the week that the MCC budget for QVM included provision for market renewal. Our interpretation of the budget is that it contains pretty standard maintenance and replacement works provisions. Apart from provision of $100K to gain trader acceptance to a vision for the renewal project, there are no substantial "renewal" items. Here is the detail of how the 2013-14 Melbourne City Council Expenditure on QVM will be allocated. - Taken from the MCC website.

QVM Light Replacement A-E Sheds 100,000
QVM Veranda Replacement Peel Street 65,000
QVM - Upgrade of Carpark Equipment 405,698
QVM - Carpark Asphalt Resurfacing 180,000
QVM Minor Renewal Works 315,000
QVM Solar Panels 142,975
QVM Resurfacing H & I Sheds 75,000
QVM Precinct Enhancement 100,000
TOTAL                                                 $1,383,673