Sunday 10 November 2013

Father and Son Duo Take On British Post

It is not often that a press release is made by a market trader. This came out on Wednesday 7th November.

'Victoria market stall holders, Danny and Ariel Lewin, have decided to strike a blow for the little guy in the international postage war and offer free delivery anywhere in the world until Christmas.
“Australian small business is really hurting from the British Australia Post deal,” said Ariel Lewin, “and this is hurting Australian manufacturers, retailers and wool growers. We decided to cop a bit of a hit on our profits and take the fight right to them.”
Ariel is the younger Lewin in this father-son business that has operated out of Melbourne’s Victoria Markets for thirty years.
He said that many Australians send quality Australian knitwear overseas for Christmas but the postage rates from Australia are high by international standards and this is hurting business.
He has built up the online side of the business over the last year and is shocked by the low postage imports flooding the market. “They pay no freight and do not have to pay GST. How can we compete?” he asked.
Danny Lewin emigrated from Argentina over thirty years ago and has built a business selling Australian wool and possum fur products to a local and international audience.
“International visitors come to the market looking for something uniquely Australian and these merino and possum products provide a high quality, good looking export, that they are proud to take home,” Danny Lewin said.
For more information about Danny’s Knitwear, this special offer or to arrange interviews with Ariel Lewin, please contact Geoff Ebbs at the Ebono Institute on 07 3103 3938 or'