Friday 29 November 2013

Update On CBA Mobile EFTPOS Facilities - Union Pay and Paywave.

We posted last week about the significance of Union Pay card facilities for our Chinese tourists at the market - We understand that both CBA and NBA are contemplating Union Pay facilities for their merchants.

The Commonwealth Bank advised us today that software upgrades allowing the acceptance of Union Pay Credit cards were being gradually introduced across the system with completion expected by early next year.
The updates are being introduced in batches and unfortunately there is no way of jumping the queue even for premier tourist spots like QVM.  With over 100,000 Chinese tourists visiting our market every year we are certainly a significant destination for potential Union Pay users.

PAYWAVE – on a separate issue we can advise that CBA will upgrade mobile EFTPOS terminals to PAYWAVE for a fee of $59. Simply ring the CBA EFTPOS Help Desk on 1800 022 966.

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