Sunday 3 November 2013

Editorial: Thank Goodness That’s Over

Last Thursday’s renewal announcement was very significant. At last the papers have been signed to frame a potential $250m renewal for the Queen Victoria Market over 10 years. The market needs investment and the surety that provides will be a relief for all parties. However, in reality, the hard work is just beginning and while the renewal process goes on in the background, traders and management will need to pull up their sleeves and start preparing our market for the future. 

Reviewing market performance can start now and there are many questions. Why has business deteriorated over recent years. Why do only 20% of tourists to Melbourne visit our market? Why do many locals have such a poor impression of the top end? How do we get lapsed visitors back to the market? How significant is expensive parking? We already know some of the answers to those questions and the first round of renewal consultation (which has already started) may give us some more clues. 

Much of the work needs to be done in the top end and we know that product mix, stall allocation and stall presentation (merchandising) are key areas for our attention. Customers say that there is too much repetition and it is too hard to find things. These are areas we can work on immediately. A positive attitude from traders and professional guidance from management will ensure we score some early goals. Importantly, we no longer have to wait for a  renewal announcement to get the game started.

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04/11/2013 10:54:03 Market renewal "Fantastic news about our refurbishment. Thanks should go to the traders committee for doing your part. 
We've been saying for years there should be touch screen directories around the market but have had opposition to this idea because shoppers like to meander and 'discover.'  Well if they want to do that then they won't use the touch screens but for others who want to cut to the chase, they should be an integral part of the plan.  VOTE 1 for touch screens!" Jodi