Saturday 23 April 2016

Car Boot Sales Unfair?

Our “market of markets” has introduced some new concepts in recent times and one of the more controversial markets has been the car boot sale on a Sunday. The top end of C Shed on Sunday is home to a special concept market that is open to all Melburnians who simply want to clear stuff.

The latest complaint from some traders concerns the level of rent charged to the newcomers. Is it fair that participants should be paying less rent than regular market traders? The newbies pay $40 (including GST) for a single stall while the standard rate for permanent traders is $62.48.

In isolation that seems an unfair difference but like most things we need to look at the big picture before casting our vote. Here are some thoughts gleaned from traders over the past week – 
Car boot sellers cannot be expected to create the same profit as professional traders. Their rent needs to be related to their capacity to earn. By community market standards, $40 is expensive.
Concepts like car boot sales add a new dimension to our market and are likely to attract more customers. More customers means more business for everyone.
We need to be confident that there is a net gain from this activity.
Car boot sales are a great community concept and likely to create a “feel good” element. Participants appear to be very appreciative of the opportunity to be part of Australia’s premier market and customers appear to like the idea.
We should make sure that professionals don’t take advantage of the concept.
With trader numbers declining the rent return for QVM needs to come from somewhere – better to come from new traders of any sort than for current rents to be increased.
Some participants may be encouraged to become fulltime traders.
Car boot sellers are customers too.

On looking at that list there are definately more positives than negatives but what are your thoughts?

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