Sunday 17 April 2016

Heard Under The Sheds

Camel Rides Unhealthy? – some concern was expressed over last Sunday’s camel rides coming in close proximity to fresh food and drink. The camels were a very sensible family fun addition particularly in conjunction with the Spice Trade promotion on Queen St. but perhaps organisers need to watch the proximity to food.

Stall Shifting Creates Tension – the top end of our market is seeing a high level of stall shifting as the market adjusts to accommodate new activities like the food court at F Shed/ Peel St. and the new specialty markets at the top of C Shed. Most of these changes seem to be achieved without fuss although two recent moves have raised the hackles of a couple of traders who adhere to the old idea that competitors should be as far away as possible.

Stall Spreading – the preliminary survey work has been completed and we are now waiting on a sub-committee to meet and come up with recommendations for a formal policy.

Bollards - the installation of new bollards in the top end will help keep vehicles out of pedestrian areas during trading hours and the safety aspect is commendable. At least one trader  has suggested that bollards should also seal off access to undershed parking in RK/RL on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Currently vehicles can enter those areas at anytime and block the aisles while the owners shop or unload creating a potential problem in an emergency.