Sunday, 7 August 2016

Heard Under the Sheds

Management Moves –
Rumours of some high profile departures from the management team have been rife around the market. Marketing Manager, Mark Smith, has confirmed he is leaving the market for personal family reasons.

Wider Stalls in Rear K/L
The aisle in Rear K/Rear L has been made narrower to bring it more in line with other market aisles and create some extra stall space for traders on either side. Traders who had problems fitting storage boxes within their stalls are most grateful. One trader said he welcomed the extra space and felt the narrower aisle made the precinct seem busier.

Trader Objects To Wider Stalls
Apparently one trader says the wider stalls in Rear K/Rear L is a good move but he wants to know where the credit is for the lost space over the last 20 years. He was joking – we think.

Customer Proposes AFL Link-up
Long term customer, Joe, made some interesting observations during a chat on Saturday. He is a fan of ex Premier Jeff Kennett and claims that Kennett was voted the sacked premier that most Victorians would like to have back in charge. He says one of Kennett’s proposals was for QVM to support the Melbourne Demons football team and link two of our city’s icons in a cross-promotional deal.

Guru Pete Is Being Tracked
Cleaning staff have been asked to carry GPS readers, presumably to track their circuits around the market. Pete didn’t seem too enamored with the idea although his busy schedule is unlikely to draw any criticism. One trader suggested he should tie the GPS to young Austin Moore’s scooter if wants to rack up extra miles.

Altercation In J Shed
Apparently some angry words were said last Saturday during pack up. A trader’s worker had positioned his storage boxes in the aisle while packing but was blocking traffic in and out of the market. Traders need to be sure that their workers understand local needs and J shed is definitely an important thoroughfare. We would have thought the aisle was wide enough to cover both needs.