Sunday 21 August 2016

Heard Under The Sheds

Retail Designer For A Shed – this week’s information sessions with Fruit & Vegetable traders made mention of the services of retail designer, Richard Beaumont, to assist traders with exploring possible concepts. 
Richard has very impressive experience with global retailers in various categories and will no doubt look forward to the challenges presented by one of the world’s largest public markets.

Feast of Footy – the trader proposal last year to align QVM with the new AFL public holiday on the Friday before the Grand Final has been taken up this year with the QVM Feast of Footy campaign.

Rent Calculations – maybe our current method of stall/shop rent calculations is under review with our CEO this week mentioning the possibility of rents based on foot traffic rather than square metres.

Golf In K Shed – one of our more sports oriented traders pulled out the driver and took a swing down K shed during the week. Before you get too concerned the ball was a very soft plastic and this was all done early morning before customers were around so safety was a prime concern. One trader suggested that anytime before 11:00am would be safe these days.

Temporary Market Accomodation – the process of renewal is very fluid as QVM stick to their word that trader’s wishes will be accommodated wherever possible. 
This week’s information sessions with Fruit & Vegetable traders raised their dissatisfaction with the String Bean Alley option and a preference for a temporary market for Fruit & Vegetables in Queen St. while construction goes on under ABCD sheds.This could mean that Specialty Merchandise Traders are more likely to be accommodated under JKLM than in a temporary structure on Queen St.

Permanent stalls in a temporary structure has been a big drawcard for Specialty Merchandise Traders and many may be disappointed if that option disappears. But, like we said, this process is very fluid.