Sunday 18 September 2016

Heard Under The Sheds – 18/9/2016

A Stink At QVM – this website received a written complaint this week and there was much discussion amongst traders on Friday about deteriorating standards of cleanliness in the market’s public toilets. The smell has been described as “disgusting” in the Queen St. and A Shed toilet blocks. One trader received a customer complaint about the state of the toilets although customers often don’t complain – they just stop coming. Time for action by those responsible.

Fishmongers Grill Malcolm McCullough – Thursday’s meet the CEO session at the Engagement Hub on Queen St. included 8 or 9 Fishmongers concerned about future plans for their hall particularly the possibility of processing facilities under H & I Sheds. The discussion was described as robust and open with many aspects of the fish hall operation being covered.
As we have noted before, these Thursday afternoon sessions are a great way for traders and management to highlight and discuss important market matters in an informal environment.

Table Covers – Just a note that our resident material stall has stock of materials suitable for stall table covers. Just talk to Lana at J shed 41 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Information on fitted cloths and logo printing are available from the office.

September Can Be Tough – one of our specialty merchandise traders recalls that February and September are his two worst months of the year.

Sprinter Steve – an award should go to T-shirt Trader Steve for sprinting after a thief down K Shed on Saturday and retrieving a wallet stolen from his neighbour’s display.