Sunday 25 September 2016

Rob Adams Adds An Important Ingredient To Renewal Debate

The Rob Adams interview in this week's CBD News raises a perspective that can go missing in any debate centred on our market.

Any worthwhile debate, and there is no argument that "the most important public space in the whole of Melbourne" is worthwhile, needs scrutiny at all levels. A myopic view of QVM does no favours to anyone and interviewer, Shane Scanlan's, reference to a "helicopter view" makes a lot of sense.

It is easy for traders to take a parochial stance on renewal (we have been guilty of it on these pages) but a citywide view and a look at our market precinct’s role in the fabric of Melbourne, and the State, and indeed Australia, raises a whole new perspective. The article is certainly worth a read. - "Vic Market Development Is Not Just About The Market".

Rob Adams (born 1948[1]) is an architect and urban designer, Director of City Design at the City of Melbourne, Australia. He won multiple awards as the leader of the revitalization of the Melbourne City Centre and surrounds, helping to create a vibrant city streetscape with innovative design features.