Sunday 12 November 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 12/11/2017

Market Advertises For Traders – apparently QVM are adverting for tenants for pop-up opportunities at the market over Christmas. We have been told that this relates to shops that have been vacated but not yet required for construction works. Do you have an idea that might be suited to a pop-up?

Alternative Trader Representatives – the current TRC set-up allows appointment of Assistant Trader Representatives to attend meetings when the elected aisle representative is not available. With a number of the TRC Representatives from the top-end withdrawing from discussions, management have been active this week to find alternative candidates. We can expect some new faces at the next meeting and maybe a surprise or two.

Tuesday Night Trading Option – extending our trading hours is currently the subject of a trader survey (see separate article) and one of our senior traders believes we should seriously consider the option of a Tuesday Night Market. He says that mid week markets seem to work well, and traders would have Wednesday off to recover (?). It could also be a good lead in to the Wednesday Night Market. We think it is an idea worthy of serious consideration.

Insider Trading – a question from a few traders about whether it is appropriate for an ex CEO with an intimate understanding of our market to purchase a business here. Ex CEO Malcolm McCullough is understood to have purchased a shop in the deli hall. We are not sure what specific objections these traders might have but perhaps they could elaborate in the Have Your Say section below.

Our Celebrity Tipster Is Fired – we don’t want to make a big deal about this because tipping horses is a very difficult game but when our resident tipster, Guru Pete, was unavailable we called on a celebrity tipster (one of our traders) to pick a horse in the Melbourne Cup. This tipster has an Irish background, and the first three places in last Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup were Irish bred so you would think he might have picked a winner. But no, as the saying goes, his pick is still running. Another Irish trader did back the winner so maybe we just picked the wrong celebrity.

Have Your Say – click here.

12/11/2017 22:50:00      Alternative trader representatives        "Under these most unusual set of circumstances all vacated positions should be declared vacant and fresh elections held.
In the interest of open and transparent governance Trader representatives should be elected by traders to act on their behalf and not curated by Management to fill any positions.
As some representatives were previously elected unopposed fresh expressions of interest would seem the most fare and logical." 
Thanks for your comments. It does appear the system has broken down and your proposal offers a solution. In the end we want trader representatives who will commit to a process. Some worthwhile candidates may have been simply put off by an election. Political events don't give elections a good name. We may find that giving traders another avenue of making a contribution produces better representation. Let's see. - Ed.

13/11/2017 07:22:11      Trader Reps "If I am reading between the lines correctly and you are suggesting that perhaps some previous trader representatives are considering of making a come back then may be their campaign slogan could be Back to the Future?" 
😄- Ed.

13/11/2017 10:58:21      Have your say - insider trading  "It is a conflict as he has had access to sensitive and confidential information about the other businesses he is competing against. Especially given how recent his departure from CEO was all of the information gathered in confidence is still relevant.  This includes each trader’s rental figures but also details on the future direction of businesses as this was something deli hall traders have been required to discuss in recent times."
Thank you - your concern makes sense. - Ed

14/11/2017 22:09:40      New Trader Reps    "In order to move forward in the future we must learn from the past. Issues brought to light by previous committee  members need to be quickly identified and rectified so that similar problems do not happen in the future. Other wise we could be right back where we started.
Then a new committee may be able to make a worth while contribution. "
Thank you for your contribution - Ed

15/11/2017 17:54:02      Best markets in Germany "I came across this and found it interesting, maybe a piece similar about our markets???? - Andy "   
Thanks Andy. Those Christmas craft markets are amazing. - Ed