Sunday 26 November 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 26/11/2017

Traders Compensated – A trader sent us a newspaper report including mention of seven Fruit & Vegetable Traders who are required to move for an exploratory architectural dig in A,B sheds on the next two Tuesday’s and will  receive a one week’s rent abatement.

Golf Day – a number of traders who participated in the Golf Day praised the organisation of the day and the opportunity to mix with other traders and management, including the Chairman, in a relaxed environment away from the market.

Stall Cancellations – a trader has complained that the old messaging service seems to have been changed. We understand that the stall cancellation number – 0393205845 – may divert to the Operations Mobile which doesn’t contain a stall cancellation message although messages can still be left and will be picked up by stall allocation staff.

Stallholder Queries – the default email address for general queries used to be but we have been advised that the address is now just for the public. Trader queries should now be sent to the Trader Administration Manager, Peter Shepheard, at . Peter is primarily responsible for handling trader enquiries regarding account balances, leave, and any other administrative issues, Queen St. trader relocation and casual trading.

Selling Stall To Another Trader – the word got around this week that there had been a change in policy which may prevent sale of a stall to another trader. Peter Shepheard has advised us that some recent sales had been rejected because they breached the repetition guidelines. There is at least one sale being considered at the moment involving sale of a stall to a current trader but that will involve a new stall concept, not repetition.

Returning To Stall After NMP Stint – a trader asked at Tuesday’s information session whether a trader who traded in the New Market Pavilion would be returned to his or her old spot under the sheds on completion of their stint in the pavilion. Management doesn’t seem to have a firm policy on this issue and traders will need to make sure it is clearly discussed during their one to one sessions.

More Options For Traders In The Top End – The Expressions of Interest for the New market Pavilion have been postponed pending the appointment of a construction contractor and possible news about new facilities in String Bean Alley.

Trader Awards – we are not sure what category this comes under but T-shirt seller Steve’s action to purchase bulk frozen Zooper Doopers (frozen fruit drinks in a tube) and hand them out to traders during Saturday’s particularly humid conditions deserves recognition. Many thanks Steve.

More On Golf Day – one trader commented that the golf day was really good but some of the golf was really bad.