Sunday 5 November 2017

Heard Under The Sheds - 5/11/2017

Trader Relocation – has become a hot topic and although no trader will be moved before Christmas and there are many meetings to come, we understand that some traders have already been given an idea of where they may end up. At this stage those moves relate to filling empty stalls on the L Shed side of String Bean Alley.

String Bean Alley Roof – it would be difficult to imagine traders surviving the open spaces in String Bean Alley given exposure to wind, rain and sun. Presumably this will be a straight handball to the Renewal Project Team and CoM to make sure their construction project accomplishes the ongoing-trade guarantee with suitable basics like weather protection.

Celebrating Our New Traders – a trader thinks we should introduce an award for the new trader who seems to have been here forever. In other words, the new trader who has fitted into the trader community so well that he or she seems made for the place. And this trader has nominated Ronnie Z on String Bean Alley. Any others?

More Departures- rumour has it that 5 traders gave up stalls this week as the retail recession bites deeper. Not sure how many of those were multiple stall holders.

Prioritising Trader Retention – ironically after the previous item, a number of attendees at Tuesday’s information session were pleased that the New Market Pavilion ground floor stall area will be kept solely for current traders from A-M Sheds plus Queen St, giving current traders the best chance of surviving difficult times.

Long Service Leave - a long term trader was disappointed that his request to take some long service was disallowed by his Category Manager. We have suggested he take up CEO Paul Guerra’s advice – “If you don’t like the answer, ask again.”, and definitely put it in writing.

Two of our traders, who shall remain nameless (although they could be Irish), have come up with the amazing fact that if you take your year of birth, and add your current age you will get the answer 2017. And that applies to everybody who does the calculation. Give it a try.

Thieving Season - the security video at one of our trader's stalls picked up another thief on Saturday. The trader warns all traders to be on alert. This time the thief is a young lady with a child in a pram and fortunately, with timely action by the stall staff and our security staff the thief was apprehended elsewhere in the market and a variety of stock returned to traders. -