Sunday 19 November 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 19/11/2017

First Night Of Summer Night Market – produced some mixed sales reports with at least one new trader happy with his first night although others reporting a slow start to the season. Once again we had competition from the Noodle Night Market on the Yarra River which runs nightly until 26/11/2017 and attracts thousands of diners.

TRC – apparently our missing Trader Representatives turned up to this month’s meeting of the TRC on Thursday and descriptions of events included “productive”, and “robust”. Their attendance followed reports that management were actively seeking attendance from secondary representatives. In the end it must have been a crowded room. Unfortunately we have no detail on what was discussed although we believe it included car parking, trading hours, trader relocation, and the New Market Pavilion.

Ex Marketing Director Behind The Counter – ex Marketing Director, Mark Scott, has purchased Bill’s Farm in the Deli Hall and could be found behind the counter this week as he eased into the demanding process of running a QVM Deli Shop.

One Trader reported that he had never heard so many traders questioning their future at QVM as we near the traditional Christmas trading period and the very lean months that can follow.

Theft – the recent videos posted by one of our traders showing customers thieving stock from their stall has raised the possibility of a trader communication system that can target likely offenders. Apparently thieves who are caught often have goods from multiple stalls and a simple communication network based on mobile phone messaging may be a good deterrent. What do traders think?

Flooding – Saturday’s extreme weather conditions fortunately occurred well after closing time although some traders got caught as Mother Nature once again decided to turn the dip between J Shed and K Shed into a temporary stream. Weather proofing and protection remains a hot topic for traders and customers.

Tram Stop Advertising of our Market Champions in the CBD is to be expanded to include bus stops in a wider suburban promotion leading up to Christmas.

QVM's New CEO - one trader commented that if Malcolm McCullough was frustrated getting issues through City of Melbourne, Stan Liacos' background with City of Bendigo and his involvement with State Government might have him better positioned.

Trader Awards Night - we understand the awards night is still on the agenda and will be linked up with 140th Anniversary celebrations in 2018.

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