Monday 14 January 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 13/1/2019

A casual trader was heard to ask for a stall change because her sales in that spot the previous day were so bad. A fellow trader suggested that no spot in the upper market did well that day and usually it’s not the spot, just the vagaries of trading - good advice?

On a particularly bad business day a trader thought that he was getting the final insult when a customer turning up with a gift voucher in his hand.  Fortunately the voucher was used as a part payment for a much more expensive item - a good ending to the day.

A trader who sells inexpensive items is worried about the cost of converting to paper bags. A paper bag will simply chew up too much of his profit. He was advised to contact QVM Sustainability Manager, Kelly Green. Maybe options have already been found for this situation.

Advertised Trading Hours – a trader in the Upper Market was confronted by a customer early Saturday morning wanting to know why the market was not open from the advertised starting time of 6:00am. The trader explained that 6:00am applied only to food and that Specialty Merchandise was open from 8:00am. That trader’s first sale was at 10:00am – Sigh!!!!!

A number of traders reported another good Night Market with sales similar to the previous week.

A trader says he fears something is missing with our customers. He is not sure if it is the actual customers or just the money in their pockets.

An article a few weeks back suggesting that traders would benefit from a central parcel depot for customer orders has got one trader wondering if one of the Chinese parcel delivery services up on Peel St. might be interested in our business.

On a similar note, a trader says he purchased an $8.00 item on Ebay last week and was happy to pay the$7.50 courier fee for delivery to his door 2 days later. He is beginning to think he should offer the same service to his customers.

A trader has asked for advance warning of any extended trading hours so he can book an appointment with his dentist. He reckons an extra couple of hours per day grinding his teeth may have repercussions -  there is a comedian in every aisle of our market.

Does anybody know if this graphic on the roller door at the top of String Bean Alley is of a past trader? He appears to be wearing an apron.
Thanks to Matt Ryan for letting us know that this is Guiseppe Foca, B Shed Fruit & Vegetable Trader (retired). - Ed.

15/01/2019 11:40:18       Re Postal Services at QVM           "We have been offering mail-order services for years.  It is a fundamental part of a retail offering now and one which all traders should provide.
We find offering to post helps close the deal for tourists (local and international)
We use Australia Post as it covers the whole of Australia.
The Post Office on Franklin St is short of room and difficult to access because of the ongoing Metro Tunnel works.  There is a business case for offering them space at the Market. 
Australia Post have free shipping integrations with eBay and online stores as well as square etc. 
Having a post shop at the market might also improve mail delivery to traders under the sheds (its been hard enough getting mail to a Victoria St shop)"  -Tim, Books for Cooks  
Thanks Tim. A post shop at the market would be fantastic. We need to bridge that gap between packing an item (which can be done at a stall or shop) and getting it into the postal system. For many traders, taking a parcel to a post office has to wait for a day off. - Ed.

17/01/2019 13:13:05       Re Australia Post     Australia Post eParcel        "Australia Post eParcel under a contract allows for free pickup if the value of the postage of the items is more than about $45;  the problem is open air traders don't have addresses for delivery under the national address database.  Having a post shop in the market would help with this problem."
And in the absence of a post shop could we have some other central point that could be registered on the national address database? Thanks for adding to the discussion - Ed.