Sunday 13 January 2019

The Top Stories On Victraders For 2018

Readership on Victraders continues at a high level with the weekly article “Heard Under The Sheds” aggregating the most attention overall. But there are issues that attract more attention than others and we think you will agree that this list of the most read articles in 2018 covers some pretty important issues for our market.

Filling Empty Stalls – the problem of gaps and unused spaces in the Upper Market. This one drew a particularly strong response from a trader.

A Trader On The Board – this has been an on-going issue for traders and the recently announced  Committee of Trustees probably gets close to achieving their aim.

A Call To Traders - Acting Lord Mayor, Arron Wood, calls on traders who support renewal to speak out and as often happens with popular articles the comments section is very active.

A Key Trader Request Is Answered – this is all to do with taking renewal matters out of QVM management focus and letting them get back to managing our market -

Stop Making QVM A Political Bouncing Ball – the Lord Mayor elections drew plenty of outside advice on how QVM should progress. Everybody wanted to get on the QVM bandwagon. This rant by the Victraders Editor called for a business focus for our market. -

More Car Parking At QVM – this was a simple little article about increasing car parking numbers at QVM but it certainly gained a lot of attention. -

Retail And Warships – this article about the future of retailing gained the highest readership of the year and that is probably because it had application to retailing generally, not just QVM. Victraders is intended primarily for traders but obviously there are issues that gain much wider readership. -

A Scam At QVM – this article was about a group of customers attempting to scam a trader out of money through simple EFTPOS fraud and it contained an interesting lesson for all traders. -

Council Considers People’s Panel Report – Plenty of readers took an interest in this article which reported that City Council had largely endorsed the findings of a panel of traders, management, and customers about the future direction of QVM -

It is no coincidence that many popular articles are followed by a comprehensive list of comments. We want to thank all traders for their contributions to Victraders over 2018. It should be noted that most articles, are driven by trader comments, views, and often, frustrations. We hope that we have raised the level of debate with our content.

We also note that feedback from management is an important ingredient in getting messages out and we thank all levels of management for their willingness to engage in candid discussion.

Here’s to a successful 2019 for all participants in our wonderful market. – Ed.