Sunday 22 September 2019

Attracting New Traders

QVM desperately needs new Traders to replace those who are slowly leaving. The gaps in our market are an eyesore and we haven’t been able to find a solution but maybe the answer is in front of us.

New Traders don’t grow on trees. It is difficult to attract new traders because –
1. We are in a recession.
2. Setting up a market business requires capital.
3. Many potential stallholders find it difficult to transition from weekly or monthly neighbourhood markets to a QVM environment.
4. When they get here they have to wait through an unfriendly casual Trader muster.
5. When they set up their stall they may be subjected to (let’s call it what it is) bullying from neighbours.
6. There is little guidance along the way.

When a business is having difficulty attracting customers it organises special deals. It knows that special effort is needed to turn things around.

The same applies attracting new Traders to QVM, and we do have a clue to what might work. There is a waiting list of Traders wanting containers because they offer attractive operating benefits. This is not a proposal to install dozens of containers but there are other things we can do to make our market more attractive to new Traders

Imagine if there were select stalls where a fancy marquee and four tables were set up each morning ready for allocating to new traders. Newbies wouldn’t have to worry about fittings. They could simply turn up and concentrate on showcasing their product(s) to customers. No worrying about buying equipment, and no waiting for the casual muster before setting up. It would be a cheap and easy way for potential new traders to try out the market.

The idea is that by removing the uncertainty and anxiety, we will become a more attractive option to potential Traders and that has benefits for every existing and future business at QVM.

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