Sunday 29 September 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 29/9/2019

Earlier this week office staff were looking for a Richmond fan and a GWS fan amongst Traders presumably for some sort of marketing promotion. We hear that finding a GWS fan amongst Traders proved mission impossible.

A Trader is concerned that news of global tour operator Thomas Cook’s collapse will impact on the tourist dependant Upper Market.

Gas scare at the Night Market - turned out that the smell of leaking gas was actually Durian Fruit from a fruit stall, and yes this delicacy can smell that bad.

A Trader tells us that eBay’s introduction of free delivery on a large range of products this week is another indication of where retail is heading.

A hung over customer admitted he had come into the market early Saturday morning to work through his inebriated state. Security staff wish he had gone home to do that.

A few Traders said they expected the usual Grand Final day pattern of a little business before lunch,  and then a very quiet afternoon, as most of Melbourne turned their attention to football. But this year the “little before lunch” turned out to be “very little.”

A Trader sent us this photo of an aisle In his local supermarket that is dedicated to ready to eat dinners and lunches.

Did everyone notice the market will be open Monday and Tuesday before Christmas Day this year?

Traders are asking how we can enshrine hard won conditions like the heat policy and single day absences so that they don’t get lost with each new licence renewal. Locking in those provisions would seem to make a lot of sense. One Trader suggested the TRC could put it as a priority.

The handing out of large plastic garbage bags to Traders has been criticised particularly in view of the retail plastic bag ban throughout the market. In the past such criticism has been dismissed as”points scoring” by Traders reluctant to move from plastic bags themselves, but one Trader says we should take this seriously. He feels uncomfortable every time he throws a huge plastic bag into the aisle at the end of the day. He asks why smaller paper bags can’t be distributed at least to those Traders who seek an option.

A rent rise never seems to fly under the radar but 2% seems to be grudgingly acceptable given that some increased expenditure by QVM is expected over the next 12 months. 4% would have been a different story.

One of our new traders confided that the hardest part of life at QVM is when she is  hassled by neighbouring Traders.

A Trader with an alternative corporate life says he attended a conference this week at which Westpac Chief Economist, Bill Evans, talked about the “retail sector now in recession and facing structural changes.”

And the bad (but irresistible) joke of the week – “Has everyone met our new TRC member Barbara the Sheep...... she is so excited to represent all ewe’s.”