Sunday 13 October 2019

Market Entertainment - Hunting The Guru

With at least 7 or 8 large groups of school children coming through our market on Friday, one of our traders (thanks Darren) suggested we could take an idea from Disneyland and create a mystery hunt to entertain young visitors.

Apparently Disney have small Mickey Mouse figures dotted around their Disneyland complexes. Visitors are given a book to record their sightings of these figures and of course social media plays a part in the process.

The school groups that visit QVM are often given a list of tasks to perform during their visit and extending that activity to any visitor might be worthwhile. Of course we need a celebrity to focus on and who could be better than our own Guru Pete.

We decided to take on the “Hunting The Guru” concept and placed small stickers around our market. Below are close-ups of the stickers. See if you can work out where they were placed.

Answers can be found here – Hunting the Guru Locations.