Sunday 27 October 2019

Great News – Plane Trees To Go

Melbourne’s Plane Trees have been blamed for excessive allergy reactions for locals and visitors with City Council at last deciding they should be replaced.

Known as London Plane Trees, these irritant producing trees are to be slowly replaced with other species, including Australian eucalypts. We have campaigned on Victraders for a number of years to have the trees removed from around our market as many Traders suffer from their air-born irritant fibres, particularly in Spring. Our photo was originally published with an article back in 2017 - Plane Trees Are A Real Problem.

Plane Trees On Queen St.
The following comments are from an ABC Report this week - University of Melbourne allergy specialist Jo Douglass said plane trees fibres could affect people who did not normally suffer from allergic reactions and hayfever. 

"The particles from the plane trees are just an irritant, and the fibrous nature of them is such that it irritates people's eyes and nose," she said. 

Professor Douglass said eucalyptus and other native trees would be a good choice for the city because few people were allergic to them.