Sunday 8 December 2019

Heard Under The Sheds -8/12/2019

A Trader from the Upper Market says he loves the official description for our Christmas Trading hours on the Tuesday before Christmas “5AM Until Sold Out” but wonders if he can stay on his stall for 3 weeks.

One of our local street beggars proclaimed “good business” on Saturday morning as shoppers spread the Christmas cheer – made a few of our Traders jealous.

Has anyone noticed the fancy little electric cart for on the spot garbage recycling doing the rounds of the market? One Trader commented – “Even the old Vic Market can be high-tech and sustainable.”

A Trader says he received a notice from a Trader group asking for support over the possible closure of Queen St. to traffic. He wasn’t sure if the group was for or against the proposal.

Another Trader has suggested we close off Peel St. between Victoria St. and the Dudley St. roundabout so the top end of the market can have its own pedestrian mall.

A Trader tells us that Sunday morning trade was his worst in 14 years, and considering we are leading in to Christmas, he is worried.

From the “We have too much spare thinking time” file – a Trader is wondering if bananas could be thrown like boomerangs as an aid to hunting customers? Not sure if he wanted to attract or disable them.

A Trader is very impressed that the QVM website has a Chinese translation option and it is not just for the basics like trading hours. A range of information, including trader and business descriptions is translated for Chinese speaking customers.

A Trader who was a little sceptical of our new trading hours was keeping a record of sales after 2:00pm and says Thursday this week produced his first real boost with a number of worthwhile sales between 2:00 and 3:00.

Our bad (but irresistible) joke of the week“Did you hear that Santa has taken to acting. He has great stage presents.”

And finally this prophetic quote from one of our Traders - “We are really starting all over again in retail. These times are both exciting and scary. If my finances hold out I might enjoy it.”