Sunday 22 December 2019

Getting Incubation Right At QVM

Providing a nurturing trading environment is important if we are to keep replenishing our market’s stock of Traders. The current retail revolution is certainly creating some turnover and recruiting exciting new Traders is the key to avoiding gaps in our aisles.

QVM has always considered itself an incubator for small business. Indeed many vision or business objectives statements about our market include small business incubation as a key purpose but we haven’t always met the criteria.

In the past, fledgling new Traders have been introduced into the system with very little assistance. They have been placed at the end of the queue when it comes to allocation and often started their retail careers at QVM in the worst locations. “Doing it the hard way” seemed to be the philosophy from management and fellow Traders, but all that has changed.

New Traders are now being actively encouraged and actively curated into spots that give them a better chance of success. The revitalised L Shed in the Upper Market is a great example of improving our market through curated placement.

The result is a better looking market and better opportunities for small businesses. New Traders can also mean increased competition for some existing Traders but, many believe a revitalised market with full aisles is good for everyone.

By Greg Smith