Sunday 5 January 2020

Heard Under The Sheds - 5/1/2020

The ups and downs of trading - a Trader complained of lack lustre sales on Saturday afternoon, only to excitedly announce an hour later that he had just had his best ever single sale. And that was from a local couple.

One of our Traders is concerned that international publicity about our fires will impact on visitor numbers. Australia already scares off enough potential visitors with our sharks and spiders.

On a related matter - a customer whose credit card was declined blamed it on the bushfires.

These campers decided to get the city experience under our sheds.

Is this a first? This tour from a cruise ship came on bikes supplied by the ship. Apparently they only had one hour at our market before moving on.

Blue Steel is the name given to Adam Sandler’s famous pose in Zoolander and we reckon one of our Traders has nailed it. Thanks to Michael from Spotty Dot for the photo and to Tony (Blue Steel) Pierrakos for the pose.

A few Traders in SBA have traded on Tuesdays and Thursdays post Christmas with positive results. Regular Thursday trading in SBA and L Shed starts on 9th January.

A Trader quips that 2020 must be the year for visionaries.

New Years Resolutions? - none planned for one of our Traders who insists you can’t improve on perfection.

New Years Resolution 2 - this Trader wants to learn more. He says the minute you stop learning and applying new ideas, your business will suffer.

One of our Traders loves how some international customers ignore baggage concerns and just load up carry bags to take on board. “If it doesn’t get weighed it will be fine.”