Sunday 7 August 2011

Trader's New Marketing Trial

The QVM has agreed to trial a modified form of social network marketing. The QVM already promotes seasonal specials (winter, spring, summer etc.) on Facebook, Twitter, and their website but we asked for a variation that was closer to a “daily deals” type promotion with a shorter term focus.
Facebook/Twitter are ideal for short, sharp messages that will usually last a week or so because inevitably they scroll off the bottom of the reader’s computer screen. We wanted to avoid a pure price or bargain focus and incorporate products that stand alone as interesting or unique to the QVM. In other words the product or offer has to go beyond the bland 10% off all purchases.
We started the ball rolling last week with Classico Shoes unique offer to custom make shoes.

This was followed up a day later with a special offer from Caricaturist Ivano and then an offer from Nautical Replicas. This weekend we have posts on Lee's Mobile Accessories and Thao's Silk Fashion. If you have a Facebook account we suggest you log on to the QVM Facebook page and view the posts. You might notice that the Classico post has 19 “likes” or ticks which was a good response for a Facebook page that has only 3,800 friends.
Whilst 19 “likes” is encouraging, the bottom line is that the effort put into this type of promotion must reflect at the cash register to be worthwhile. At this early stage, a number of your Trader Volunteers have been the subject of posts which will enable us to accurately gauge customer reaction. We have incorporated a couple of checks and balances into the process and hope to give you some feedback on its success or otherwise over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully this will be a prelude to a comprehensive marketing program that enhances the QVM and its traders.

Remember, you can always submit products and specials direct to Andrew Cyples at the office -