Friday 8 March 2013

Traders Comments On C Shed

Terry has written to us about some issues in C shed.

Just thought you would like to see two aspects of the QVM that the Management tend to gloss over or ignore.
The attached photos are of C Shed (both north and south from C35) at 1pm on a Friday.
Secondly I have just completed a Trader online induction and I recall one of the questions referring to keeping the lanes clear.  Just have a look at the third attached photo – the lane between C and D sheds was blocked all day.

Terry Lawn

Ed: 8/3/2013 2030 "Hello Terry - The issue in your first two photos is presumably the lack of customers although empty stalls are also a concern. The empty stalls are partly because management are preparing some changes for C shed. No details as yet but watch this space.
The lack of customers is a major concern as unseasonably hot weather takes its toll. Moomba is on this weekend so lets hope for an improvement in customer numbers. Many thanks for your input."