Friday 1 March 2013

Traders Comment - String Bean Alley

26/02/2013 19:20:31 String Bean Alley "I think instead of worrying about a trader that has taken on an ""EMPTY"" container to assist in filling ""SBA"", we should be looking at ways of filling not only the containers in ""M Shed"" but also ""LL lane way"" the area directly across from ""SBA"".

At the moment it looks like a car park. Management has not stopped people from parking here, and has not requested traders to trade both ways ""like they did in ""E"" shed. Now the difference is that ""E Shed"" traders stalls do back onto ""F Shed"" and the ""L Shed"" traders stalls do not. Thats correct these traders stalls actually have another stall directly behind them, and it is the ""LL Laneway"" stalls. Most traders have forgotten these stalls exist. The ""L Shed"" traders happily used this area, for FREE, for years, but now the market is trying to utilise ""M Shed"" it has become an issue for the ""L Shed"" traders screaming we have lost half our stalls. If thats the case, then trade both sides and pay for all the stalls you use.

As for ""SBA"", the market needs to fill ""LL laneway"" with traders that are happy to trade within the ""SBA"" requirements, but until such time as this is possible, l see nothing wrong with general merchandise stall holders taking on an extra stall, paying extra rent, on a casual basis, until stallholders fitting the ""SBA"" requirements can be found, to fill this area, and actually assist in making the market and ""SBA"" a better place. I am sorry to the ""SBA"" traders when l say this, but at the moment, you guys are a lost area, due to the fact, there are TARPS hanging from the roof, cars parked at the back of stalls, boxes at the back of stalls, from those traders in ""L Shed"". This is not an attractive place for customers to visit, and would be effecting your businesses. 

The general merchandise area of the market, screams blue murder when traders fill up stalls with boxes and cars, within the sheds, and say how it effects the look, and there buisness but if its the back of ""L Shed"" then it doesnt matter, its only ""SBA"" thats effected. "

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