Friday 28 June 2013

Trader's Comments - 29/6/2013

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17/06/2013 12:13:36 Marketing' "It was interesting the other day on Thursday, when I had to call the RACV to unlock my car at the market and one of the first things he said to me was, ""Was the market open today?"" 
How is it that there are five or six people doing the 'marketing' and yet if I was to ask anyone who comes to my stall or who is on my facebook page what days the market is open or the times it is open, the majority wouldn't be able to tell me or they'd say it's only open on the weekend. When are we just going to get some signage put up all around the market and in various other places like the airport, just simply stating the times and days of the market. It's not that hard especially when theres five or six of them to do it.
And in regards to a direct bus not coming to the market, what a joke. In the old days when there was only one or two people doing marketing they'd take a bus down to station pier and pick up tourists of the ships and bring them to the market. Again not that hard to do. " Leah
27/06/2013 13:51:09 Alby,s Birthday "To    the Traders  who attended Alby's  70th  Birthday   Surprise Party on  Saturday Night   Thank you all for your Kind thoughts and best wishes really appreciated    (  Warning though all Jill's co conspiritors Look out)"