Friday 4 July 2014

Something Smells In String Bean Alley

We have deliberately avoided posting on the unfortunate smell emanating from the top end of String Bean Alley and L shed with the expectation that a stray smell should be easily corrected. But many months have now passed since this first became an issue and traders and customers are still being subjected to an unacceptable assault on their senses.

The vile smell at the height of summer has been replaced most recently by a strong antiseptic smell that is almost as pungent as our cleaning staff battle to contain the problem. It is not our role to comment on the process of correction. We are sure there is much effort being put into an obviously difficult problem but enough is enough. Traders are being disadvantaged, customers are complaining and our market's reputation is suffering. 

POSTSCRIPT: Good news. Management have advised the following action this afternoon - 
Remedial Works.
·         - A supplementary external Tank will be installed between the Coffee Container and the ATM container on the 16th July.
·         - Devi Plumbing will be onsite at 2.30pm this afternoon  to confirm the final measurements and installation requirements.
·         - The four waste pipes (from the Coffee Container) will be connected to the External Tank, which will be “airtight”.
·         - Metal Screens will be installed on either side of the Tank to restrict access to non-authorised personnel.

·         - The Stormwater Drain in the area will be sealed and made redundant.